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Remove the pain of Waiting

I don’t have to sit home any longer sending hundreds of resumes and then wait for somebody to contact me back.

Now with Giooby I’m always given the chance to showoff what I really know every time I apply for a job, and that means that I can now focus all my energies in getting a job, instead of getting a call back.

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Giooby Interview Calendar

Giooby Interview Calendar

Now that I am the one choosing what date to get interviewed by each employer, I can actually fill my Interview Calendar as much as I want.

That means I could be choosing to get 3 or 4 interviews every day for the next few weeks, untill I get the job I really want.

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It's our belief that

“every time you apply for a job,
the employer should always find the time
to assess what you know
to see if you are a possible match”

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